First Group

This is an outstanding opportunity to join the Rail Industry as an apprentice on one of the best training schemes in the country.

We will provide the foundation upon which you can build a great career in a major industry. We will expand your skills, provide valuable experience and deliver bespoke knowledge through a 4 year Apprenticeship programme.  Our aim? To develop you into a highly skilled Train Technician.

Our Fleet of Trains include both electric and diesel travelling over 4 million miles per year. In short, our highly skilled train technicians, whose job it is to keep our fleet running, determine the reliability, dependability and availability of our service.

Why not come on board? We are sure you’ll enjoy the journey. 

• Attend training college for 5 days a week for 36 weeks 
• Receive academic training to Rail Technician Level 3 
• Carry out practical work on a range of equipment from engines to electronic control system 
• Anytime not spent at college will be spent gaining practical work place experience and training at the local train care depot

YEAR 2 & 3
• Attend college 1 day per week for 36 weeks studying engineering to Rail Technician Level 4
• Remainder of the time is spent gaining practical work place experience and training at our train care depot’s.

Encouraged to complete the Rail Technician Level 5.

• Spent entirely at your intended final depot 
• Gaining experience of specific stock and building your technical and practical knowledge 
• At the end of the 4 years you should be qualified and become a skilled Maintenance Engineer 

Shift Pattern

Average of 37 hours per week across Early, late and Night shifts.

As an Apprentice the requirement is to be flexible.  This will involve some night work and occasional weekends during the 4 year Apprenticeship scheme.

Minimum Requirements

You will need at least 4 GCSE’s grades A to C including Maths, English and Science or any other relevant further education.